Materials Design and Engineering

About Materials Design and Engineering

Conduct research and development on future materials ranging from atomic to gigantic structures with a broad perspective.
Foster global material engineers through international academic exchanges.

From basic research on hyper aluminum to industrial application.

Let’s design future materials that will sustain our lives and society !

The department of materials design and engineering conducts education and research focusing on metals and metallurgy, which is only available here in Hokuriku area. Students acquire extensive knowledge and the improvement of problem-solving abilities for society through comprehensive study and research from basic for understanding the essence of materials to industrial application of 1) material design ranging from atomic and molecule sized electronic parts to massive architecture, 2) strong materials for life safety and security purpose, and 3) materials for disaster prevention, and so on. Students also learn how to discover study tasks and draft solutions from a global view point, and make and accomplish a research plan on their own initiatives. Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE) has approved that these learning objectives and educational programs of this department meet social / industrial requirements on an international standard. This department invites multinational research groups of material fields and form an international research base to promote global advanced researches utilizing the regional characteristics. At the Graduate School of Science and Engineering for Education, we also work on providing educational programs in English and developing internationally accepted human resources.

Learning features:

  1. Building expertise and learning design techniques on light metal materials.
  2. Researching and developing materials for preventing and reducing disasters.
  3. Receiving education and conducting research that contribute to the key and aluminum industries in Toyama region.